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You Me and BodyBall...

It all began 20 years ago following the birth of my second child and my return to work as a physiotherapist. How to make my profession work with motherhood . The answer evolved ... to combine my passion for exercise with my expertise as a physiotherapist working with women. To be the example ,the role model ,the guide ,the voice ,confidant and educator to women in their childbearing years .

There's something special about women in a small group who have come together for all the same reasons.

I have been and still am lucky enough to spend time with these women each week who join me to share my "been there done that" , passion ,experience and expertise as a physiotherapist in restoring their miraculous bodies after childbirth through exercise.

I sometimes feel like the wise old owl who shares my personal and professional experiences after childbirth ,body restoration/maintenance and child rearing as my 2 beautiful daughters are now 25 and 21.

I aspire to being a role model for my many clients and am grateful to call them both client and friend.

But I also feel like I get a second chance to experience that wonderful time as a new mother all again as I share my words of wisdom and specific exercises often whilst cuddling or settling a beautiful baby most often sitting on a fitball!

No one understands the changes the female body undergoes during pregnancy and childbirth until we have actually experienced it and whilst we are overjoyed at the end result, many of us say " look what that child did to my body!"and feel we are on a never ending journey to get back to what we were before.

There is avalanche of literature, podcasts, Instagram and internet searches available to guide us through exercise programs or diet plans to begin the body restoration which can be both confusing and expensive .Each one claims to be the answer but ultimately we all need to find someone we have confidence in to guide us , find what works best for each individual woman and something that we can fit into the busy day of a new mother.

So , heres the reason for the blog

To share what we achieve ,what we discuss and what we learn in the hour I have with these women each week.

How lucky am I! and I hope to share it all with you

Alison x

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