Bappsc (Physiotherapy)  Clinical Pilates DMA Physiotherapy

Alison has 30 years experience as a physiotherapist and is a mother of 2 beautiful daughters. She has a professional interest in the area of women's health, pelvic pain and stability, pain associated with pregnancy and the post natal period and the restoration of the pelvic floor and abdominal wall following pregnancy and childbirth. Alison developed the bodyball program by combining her professional expertise with her personal passion for exercise and the restoration of the female body following childbirth. She initiated, designed and instructed post natal physiotherapy in the maternity unit at North Shore Private Hospital.

Alison has trained extensively in techniques and protocols for restoring form and function, strength, stability and integrity of the muscles of the pelvic floor, lower back and abdominal wall. She applies this knowledge in the clinical management of women with functional impairment utilising manual therapy, joint mobilisation, muscle energy and soft tissue techniques. She then complements this  with her exercise expertise to design and instruct very specific exercise programs for women to attain their ultimate goals in their childbearing years. 


Bappsc(physiotherapy) Gradcert(Physiotherapy) apam, member of Apa/Continence and Womens Health /Aquatic physiotherapy interest group

Clinical Pilates DMA Physiotherapy

Amy has 20 years experience as a physiotherapist and consults in the area of spinal and sports physiotherapy and women's health. She also has expertise as an aquatic physiotherapist working with patients in hydrotherapy. Over the years amy has worked in both the hospital and private sectors in various roles in Singapore, hong kong and Sydney. She has undertaken further study in the area of women's health and aquatic physiotherapy and regularly attends workshops and conferences to keep updated with new practices. She uses manual therapy, soft tissue techniques, joint mobilization and exercise prescription/rehabilitation and takes a holistic approach to patient management in order to relieve pain and restore function, strength and stability. She also believes it is important to educate patients to understand their condition and so she provides self management techniques for ongoing maintenance of function and advice on injury prevention. 


Bappsc (Physiotherapy)

Margot has an extensive career in management of musculoskeletal conditions and student education of physiotherapy. She is able to apply this knowledge to exercise of both pregnant and post partum women. She has instructed the bodyball program for over 7 years. She enjoys the challenge of assisting patients with their acute pain, chronic back pain and post-surgery recovery through exercise, education and hands on treatment. She believes patients should be given the confidence and tools to manage their condition into the future. 


A team of  exceptionally qualified physiotherapists and mothers with many years of experience in education/clinical pilates and pre and post natal care.

They are passionate about restoring the whole woman following pregnancy and childbirth.